Sign the petition to the legislature: respect the will of Maine voters


Corporate lobbyists have pledged to roll back the minimum wage increase passed by voters in the upcoming legislature. They knew they couldn’t win in a head-to-head fight and instead want to use their influence in Augusta to undo the will of voters.

We need to make sure our elected officials hear from us and know that any attempts to rollback raises for Maine workers is unacceptable.

Sign our petition to legislators telling them to respect the will of Maine voters, not corporate lobbyists:

To members of 128th Maine Legislature,

As one of more than 400,000 Mainers who voted Yes on Question 4, I strongly urge you to respect the will of the voters and reject any attempts to undermine the minimum wage increase. More than 180,000 Mainers will see an increase with Question 4. Any attempts to roll back this increase that leave Mainers out or behind is unacceptable.