Contact your legislator: no rollbacks to the minimum wage increase

Republican legislators have submitted 9 different bills to cut the minimum wage. We need to make sure our elected officials hear from us and know that any attempt to roll back wages for Maine workers is absolutely unacceptable.

Use the form below to send a message to your representative asking them to respect the will of voters and reject any attempts to roll back the minimum wage increase for Mainers.

Here are some helpful points to remember when writing a message to your representative:

  • 420,892 (55.5%) voters cast a yes vote for Question 4 to raise the minimum wage.
  • 181,000 Mainers will get a raise by the time the minimum wage increase is fully implemented.
    • That includes 1 in 3 working women.
    • 52,000 Maine kids live in a household with a parent who would get a raise.
  • Currently, tipped workers make a subminimum wage of just $5/hour from their employer, and are expected to make the rest of their wages in tips.
    • The average tipped worker in Maine still only makes $9.06 an hour, including tips—making them among the lowest paid workers in Maine.
    • Tipped workers in Maine are three times as likely to live in poverty as the rest of the working population.
  • The new law would incrementally raise the subminimum wage over a decade until all workers are paid one fair wage. Seven other states (California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada and Alaska) have no separate subminimum wage and experience the same or higher rates of tipping. According to the National Restaurant Association, these states stronger growth and employment prospects than the rest of the country.

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