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YES on 4: It's time to raise the minimum wage.

Maine’s minimum wage of $7.50 an hour (just $300 a week for a full-time job) is not enough to live on, much less raise a family or plan for the future. That’s why Mainers for Fair Wages has launched a citizens initiative and collected more than 90,000 signatures to place a minimum wage increase on the November, 2016 ballot.

Voting YES on 4 will:

    • Increase the minimum wage from $7.50 to $9 an hour in 2017 and then by $1 a year until it reaches $12 in 2020.
    • After 2020, the minimum wage would increase at the same rate as the cost of living.
    • The subminimum wage for service workers who receive tips (currently $3.75 an hour) would be increased to $5 an hour in 2017 and then by a dollar a year until it reaches $12 in 2024.

The ballot language for Question 4 will read:

Do you want to raise the minimum hourly wage of $7.50 to $9 in 2017, with annual $1 increases up to $12 in 2020, and annual cost-of-living increases thereafter; and do you want to raise the direct wage for service workers who receive tips from half the minimum wage to $5 in 2017, with annual $1 increases until it reaches the adjusted minimum wage?

This proposal is about seniors who can’t retire and parents who work endless hours away from their families. Most of all, it’s about women, who are most likely to work low-wage jobs and often struggle to provide for their children and make ends meet while taking home just $12,300 a year for full-time work. This is a family issue, and a question of fundamental fairness.

Raising the minimum wage will put more money in the pockets of 181,000 Maine workers, strengthen local communities and boost Maine’s economy. That's why it's supported by the Maine Small Business Coalition and over 600 small business owners across the state. It's why Maine's two largest newspapers, and nearly 100 organizations across Maine and the country representing diverse interests, including women, children, and seniors, have endorsed Question 4.

Raising the minimum wage incrementally to $12 by 2020 is the right thing to do. Maine people have waited long enough.

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